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About Our Career Training Company in Cerritos, CA

The MiraVision Group is dedicated to the professional development and job placement of our clients. As a career training company in Cerritos, CA, we take a direct, personal approach to preparing individuals for rewarding careers in a variety of well-paying fields. Our coaching and training programs are all-inclusive, helping everyone from at-risk youth and ex-offenders to veterans and anyone else looking to sharpen their professional skills. It’s tough to stay competitive in today’s job market, but with our help, you can enter an occupation that suits your abilities and interests.

Our company will conduct a pre-screening interview to help us determine whether you are eligible for our service, the best field for you, and any additional support you may require. If needed, we will provide finding referrals to assist you with your training program, transportation, childcare, food, and housing.

Gerry G. Garcia, Sr started our company in 2005 when he saw the opportunity to guide individuals who were struggling to find a career. He knew from personal experience how difficult it can be to search for employment and transition from one career to another. Inspired to help those who were in similar circumstances, he founded The MiraVision Group to serve as a career resource for individuals seeking quality job placement. Today, we offer personalized training and coaching to help our clients reach their full potential. When you’re ready to start an exciting new career, reach out to our team of motivated professionals.

Contact us to get started on your new career. We proudly work with individuals in Cerritos, California, and the surrounding areas.